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LUMASPORT 16 Remote Power System

  • 143,050 - 199,300 lumen output options.
  • Modular system for easy access to power and controls at pole base
  • Wired DMX or Wireless AirMesh controls options to suit your needs
  • Control light placement precisely with our award-winning optical control system
  • Industry leading light source reliability with Chip-on-Board LEDs
  • Lumen maintenance exceeds and retains 80% of initial light output after 66,000 hours of operation.
  • Surpasses Cooper Lighting's stringent tests for performance and longevity
  • Simple setup with three components: light head, PAC Box, and Distribution Box
  • Reduce install time with pre-aimable single-piece light head assembly
LUMASPORT 16 Remote Power System

LUMASPORT 16 Remote Power System


The Ephesus Remote Power System for LUMASPORT 16 is a state-of-the-art LED sports lighting solution, revolutionizing stadium illumination at professional and collegiate levels. Offering turn-key solutions for new and retrofit applications, it delivers superior light quality, customizable controls, and industry-leading reliability, ensuring an unmatched user experience. With easy installation, lowest total ownership cost, and optimal light distribution, it's a game-changer in the LED sports lighting industry.

PERFORMANCE - Patented Optical System

PERFORMANCE - Patented Optical System

Experience unmatched clarity with the LUMASPORT 8'S multi-layer optical performance. Our patented Hybrid Reflector and TIR Optical System, an award-winning solution, delivers precise light control, minimizing glare and maximizing efficiency. Illuminate your sports venue with confidence.

Remote Power System Components

Ease meets innovation in our remote power components design. The LUMASPORT 16 allows you to locate power, controls, and surge at the base of the pole, facilitating easy access and maintenance. Transform the way you manage your sports lighting with our cutting-edge technology. If you need custom system components (Poles, Cross Arms, Drop Cables, etc.) or services (Foundation Design, Lighting Design, etc.) please contact Ephesus.

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Easy-To-Install Turnkey Systems

Save time and resources with our easy-to-install turnkey systems. Whether it's a new installation or retrofit application, the LUMASPORT 16 offers a streamlined, full turn-key solution that's efficient and reliable. Step into the future of sports lighting with ease and efficiency.

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