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Discontinued on Jan 19, 2024


UV-C Control Panel

  • UL 8802 safety rated control system
  • Monitors primary and secondary safegaurds
  • Will automatically turn off if someone enters the space.
  • Built in adjustable timer will automatically turn the system off.
  • Connect up to 24 pushbutton inputs to the panel.
UV-C Control Panel

UV-C Control Panel


The UV-C Control Panel is an integral part of the Cooper Lighting Solutions' UV-C System. Using required clearance pushbuttons and magnetic sensors, the UL8802 Safety Rated control system ensures that the space to be sanitized is vacant and if someone enters the space, assurance that the system will turn off. The control panel accepts up to 24 safety clearance pushbutton inputs and can be wired to one User Safety Panel which is used to turn the system on and off.


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