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WaveLinx Wired DIN Rail Network Bridge (BN2-D-NA)

  • Configurable as Network Bridge Filter or Repeater
  • Enables larger networks by segmenting long cable runs
  • Single control of multiple iCANnet™ networks
  • Enabls networks to grow beyond 500m (1640 ft) of cabling
  • Allows larger multi story applications to be installed & commissioned
  • CE compliant with all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards
WaveLinx Wired DIN Rail Network Bridge (BN2-D-NA)

WaveLinx Wired DIN Rail Network Bridge (BN2-D-NA)


The WaveLinx Wired DIN Rail Network Bridge (BN2-D-NA) is a DIN rail mounted bridging module that allows 2 or more WaveLinx Wired iCANnet® network segments to be connected together or arranged logically into floors or areas for ease of management. The bridge is also used to extend the network as a repeater where more than 500m of cabling is required or more than 100 network devices are used on one segment. BN-2-D also allows network messages to be filtered to ensure optimal performance in large networks.


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