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PRO IR Remote

  • IR communication - Communicate directly with WaveLinx PRO integrated sensors
  • 12 preprogrammed buttons
  • Quick perform most common tasks during commissioning, i.e. enable or disable pairing mode, reverse identify devices to find them in the mobile app, adjust daylight light levels and occupancy sensor sensitivity and much more.
PRO IR Remote

PRO IR Remote


The WaveLinx PRO IR Remote streamlines installers or set-up technicians' processes when commissioning WaveLinx PRO-enabled luminaires. The PRO IR Remote allows the installer to communicate directly with the PRO integrated sensor and send most commonly used commands such as enabling/disabling pairing mode, reverse identification, enabling/disabling closed loop daylighting, adjusting daylight light levels and occupancy sensor sensitivity, resetting a sensor to default factory and performing more advanced functions such as assigning point guards for large zone applications.


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