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Vacancy Passive Infrared MicroSet Ceiling Sensor

  • MicroSet self-adjusting Time Delay and sensitivity
  • Optional built-in light level sensor
  • Optional BAS/HVAC isolated relay
  • Products tested to NEMA WD 7 - 2011 Occupancy Motion Sensors Standard
  • Requires Manual On for activation
Vacancy Passive Infrared MicroSet Ceiling Sensor

Vacancy Passive Infrared MicroSet Ceiling Sensor


The MicroSet Passive Infrared Low Voltage Vacancy Ceiling Sensor increases energy savings by requiring a Manual On input to turn ON the lighting. The Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor monitors space occupancy to deliver maximum energy savings. The sensor includes self-adaptive technology that continuously self-adjusts sensitivity and time delay in real-time, maximizing the potential energy savings that are available in the particular application.


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