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APIs to Access Lighting Control and 
Real-time Facility Data at Your Fingertips

Complex facility challenges are no match for Trellix. Our most advanced connected lighting platform features integrated sensing and beacon technology to collect real-time data, and a suite of simple-yet-powerful apps that let you leverage that data in countless ways. Trellix APIs are easy to access and provides reference for each API endpoint to developers, including details on the URL, HTTP verb(s) supported, response codes, and data formats.

Lighting Control, At Your Fingertips

Trellix Lighting APIs

Take complete control of your lighting across multiple floors, buildings, even multiple sites for optimal energy efficiency and code compliance. You can use the Trellix Lighting REST APIs to build applications that rely on the Trellix Lighting data. Learn more >

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Real-Time Facility Data At Your Fingertips

Trellix Locate APIs

Monitor, track and manage your assets and environments within your facility using BLE tags, WaveLinx Wireless and Trellix Locate application. You can use Trellix Locate REST APIs secure programming interface to access Trellix asset location data and build your own applications. Learn more >

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Our partner program enables developers and systems integrators to leverage the data gathered by the Trellix IoT Smart Spaces Platform to create brilliant customer experiences. Our partner’s systems can collect valuable data through APIs – such as critical assets location, real-time space occupancy, spatial organization optimization, and detailed energy consumption.

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Get to know Trellix Locate

Trellix Locate is a powerful RTLS application that lets you leverage real-time data from the WaveLinx connected lighting system.

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Trellix - Education

When children’s safety is concerned, high facility visibility is critical, and educational facilities are looking for a solution that provides peace...

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Trellix - Healthcare

Trellix Locate uses RTLS to provide solutions for hospitals that enable asset tracking, infection prevention, environment monitoring and more.

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