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Metroline LED

At the intersection of modern technology & design.

Pedestrian experience

Bringing the community together at night.

Successful streetscapes create an environment that helps to define a community’s style, vitality and sustainability. The Metroline luminaire enhances both the streetscape and pedestrian experience to attract commercial and social activity to “people occupied spaces” in which we live and work.


Enhancing street and pedestrian experience.

The Metroline luminaire helps encourage all ground level wayfinding, improving the ability to navigate a space quickly. CLS's AccuLED Optics technology improves nighttime visibility allowing rapid identification of risk, promoting a comfortable, safe and secure setting. The clean, modern day form appearance complements the urban space, providing distinctive community identification.


Supporting a sustainable community.

The Metroline luminaire is designed to reflect the values of a sustainable community and respects the environment through the use of technologies that: reduces energy consumption by 60 percent compared to existing HID lamp sources, extends maintenance and useful life cycles more than of 15 years, and maximizes the use of recyclable, non-toxic materials.

Metroline LED provides up to 60% on energy reduction for street lighting

A flexible design solution.

The Metroline luminaire is designed to deliver superior lighting efficacies greater than 115 lm/W, only consuming 40 percent of the energy of a 150W HPS luminaire. The low-profile housing is 4” wide and 2” tall and, uses minimal external hardware designed to withstand 3G vibration making it ideal for use on bridges and structures that flex.

Proven design. Modern beauty.

The Metroline LED luminaire combines proven technology
and design to usher in a new era of design excellence.