Elegant, Efficient, Affordable

SkyRidge sets a new industry standard by offering a stylish and affordable LED alternative to

fluorescent fixtures using innovative WaveStream LED technology.



The Science behind the Beauty


of WaveStream LED tecnhology


A patented optical coupling process maximizes the amount of light injected into a uniformly lit luminous panel which dramatically improves LED light quality and brightness control. Laser-precise, patented, AccuAim optics arranged in patterns deliver distributions tailored to each fixture and application.

SKR-Section3WaveStream LED 2015
  • Wealth of Solutions to Meet a Variety of Applications

          • 2' x 2', 2' x 4', 1' x 4' and 1 x 2' recessed sizes
          • Field installable surface mount kits
          • Three driver types:
            • · 0-10V dimming
            • · Bi-level dimming and
            • · DALI for Fifth Light addressable lighting controls
          • Four CCT's offered: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
          • 22 different lumen packages
          • Air vented, Emergency, Flex wiring and Chicago Plenum versions


Delivers Distinct Blend


of Technology and Beauty

SkyRidge with its patented WaveStream LED technology provides unmatched levels of optical performance and energy efficiency at a compelling price, enabling large-scale adoption. Skyridge delivers a distinct blend of technology and beauty, making it the natural choice for today's commercial environments.



Exceptional Performance,


Significant Energy Savings

The highly efficient LED system with advanced optical design provides optimal light uniformity while delivering high performance efficacy up to 131 lumens per watt. With energy savings of over 50% compared to fluorescent troffers coupled with a projected life of 60,000 hours and paybacks can be less than two years when dimming and rebates are included.



SkyTrim – Luminous Decorative Accent

Designed for an array of interior applications, SkyTrim™ is a luminous decorative accent that can be mounted directly on the light guide of a SkyRidge fixture. It is ideal for spaces where color is necessary to provide visual cues, emphasize brand identity, directional awareness or simply as an artistic expression. The result is a unique and easy accessory for addressing a wealth of application needs with seven color choices.



Integrated Sensor Reduces Time and Complexity

Optional sensor system is optimized to meet energy codes for occupancy sensing
and daylight harvesting and is factory wired to offer out-of-the-box operation.

When the application demands more, an optional handheld remote is available for
field adjustments. And, the system achieves the lowest installed cost as compared

to traditional control products.