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Everything you need to know so you can use Light ARchitect like a pro


What is Light ARchitect? 
Light ARchitect is an augmented reality mobile device application for use by lighting professionals. 

Is Light ARchitect also available for Android? 
Light ARchitect is currently available on iOS only. An Android version is currently under development.

Which iOS devices can I install the app?
iPhone 6s (2015) and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation (2017) and later. 

Is the Light ARchitect app free? 
Yes, at this time, it is available for anyone to download and use. 

How will Light ARchitect benefit me? 
The AR technology, featured in the app, is great for evaluating various configurations of light fixtures including estimation of photometric data. Additionally, end customers really appreciate the visualization of products before making a critical decision. 

Are the objects in the app life-size? 
Yes, once the devices properly scans your environment, all fixtures in the app are life-sized. 

Can I share a screenshot through this app? 
Yes, you can share a screenshot via e-mail or Airdrop, and you can also save it to the device’s photo album. The e-mail content includes a schedule of products.

How do I use the Light ARchitect app? 
As the app initializes the camera view, wave your device’s camera side to side while pointing at the floor. Once the app determines that a plane of reference has been registered. You can start augmenting products by pressing the “+” button. 

Why does it tell me to scan the floor for pendant fixtures? 
Current mobile AR technology uses the device’s camera to register planes so that the fixtures can be anchored. Floor is the best plane for the camera to use as a reference plane. Ceilings are often too high or non-existent. Walls often lack pattern and textures for the camera to properly register them. 

How do I know when the app has completed scanning? 
A blue meshed shape will appear on top of surfaces that have been scanned and identified by the app (think of laying a rug on your floor). Keep moving the camera to extend the mesh until a large enough surface has been identified and the “Move your device” prompt has disappeared. 

Does the Light ARchitect app support front-facing camera? 
Light ARchitect only supports the rear-facing camera. 

How can I give the camera permissions to the App later? I accidently denied camera access at the beginning of the app? 
Go to Settings, then scroll down to locate the Light ARchitect app. You can then enable access to the device’s camera. 

What are some of the core features of the app? 
The core features of Light ARchitect include: 
• Real-time visualization of lighting products 
• Configuration of the product’s finishes and attributes 
• Calculation of photometric light levels 
• Estimation of acoustics improvement for Shaper Sense products 
• Instant sharing of your work 

How can I start the tutorial in the mid use of the App? 
Press the Help button in the top right corner. 

How do I change the height of the fixture? 
The height of the fixtures can be adjusted by selecting the fixture -> Position -> Height -> Use the slider to adjust height. 

How do I change the color of the fixture? 
Select the fixture -> Color/IES -> Finish/Color. Some products have multiple tabs to allow extended configurations. 

How do I create duplicates of a fixture? 
Select the fixture to duplicate -> Copy -> Add -> Position the first fixture with the spacing and direction you want -> Add for more fixtures. Duplicate fixtures will match the spacing of the first duplicate placed. 

What does the “Acoustic” button do? Does acoustic estimation depend on the space we choose? Why the is the option not available for all the fixtures? 
The acoustic estimation feature shows the effect of Shaper Sense fixtures on noise reduction. The impact of the fixtures depends on the dimensions of the room and the materials of the wall, floor, and ceiling, as well as the number of fixtures. Acoustic estimation is only available for the Shaper Sense series of sound-absorbing fixtures. 

What does the “GUV” button do? 
The GUV Estimator feature enables pathogen selection, the ability to choose room dimensions, and the output is the amount of time needed to disinfect the space.

What does “Select IES” do? 
“Select IES” lets you choose an IES file for the fixture, which affects the CCT of the light it emits and the footcandle calculations performed by the “Calc” button. 

What does the “Calc” button do? 
The “Calc” button displays a grid representing the footcandles, or light level, produced by all the fixtures in the scene at different locations. 

What is the difference between “Stem Length” and “Height”? 
Height is the distance between the ground and the bottom of the fixture. Stem length is the how far the fixture hangs from its mounting plate.

1. Download the App “The first step of the Light ARchitect installation is to go to Apple’s app store on your mobile device. Search for Light ARchitect. You should now see Light ARchitect in the search results. Click on the Light ARchitect install button and download the app. 

2. Open the App “Once downloaded, the app should appear on your home screen. Click on the Light ARchitect icon which will open the app.” 

3. Licensing Agreement “Next, a licensing agreement along with privacy policy and terms of service will be presented, Rewad through the terms and scroll to the bottom. Click on the boxes to acknowledge your acceptance. Then, press the Accept button at the bottom to proceed to the next screen. 

4. Access to Camera “You will now be prompted to allow camera access to the app.” Please accept as this is necessary to enable the Augmented Reality technology. 

5. Quick Start Guide “The app will now present a quick start guide. Please read through the instructions to better understand how the app works. Scan the floor, place a fixture, moving around the device, and the help icon if you need additional instructions. At the bottom of the screen, there is a “Let’s Get Started” button 

6. Camera View “The app will provide instructional prompts on how to use the features. Also, included in the upper right hand corner is a Help button that can be enabled or displayed at any time. Scan the floor in order for the device to register the room. Make sure that the mobile device is moved and the app will show a mesh pattern to signify proper registration and that the scan is complete. 

7. Choose the fixture “Next, press the plus button at the bottom of the screen to open the catalog of available fixtures. You can scroll through or press the image of the fixtures to visualize what they would look like in your space.” 

8. Configuration “Now, you can configure the fixtures’ position, height, and finish by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the screen. You will able to customize your experience by adjusting orientations, colors, and shapes and visualize real time with a 360 degree view of the fixture from any angle or position.” 

9. Light Distribution “Once your selections are final, you can press the light bulb button to visualize direct illuminance values on the floor.” 

10. Share and Email “At any time, you can press the camera button to receive an instant screen shot of your selection and can also send product information directly to anyone.” 

11. “Congratulations, you have now finished the tutorial on how to use the Light ARchitect app, making lighting design as mobile as you are. It’s time to go to work. Please use the Light ARchitect app as a complimentary lighting design tool for your projects.”

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