Halo Takes LED to the Slopes

ALLSLOPE features unique interchangeable beam-forming optics, full range

dimming, multiple color temperatures and trim options. The innovative design

allows the LED light engine full adjustment capability so it can be aimed straight down

in accordance with the ceiling pitch, resulting in outstanding performance and appearance.


Slope Pitch "Rise Over Run"

The Halo ALLSLOPE LED Downlight System is specifically designed for

slope ceiling applications with pitch aiming from 2/12 (10 degrees) to 12/12 (45 degrees).

The high-efficiency, energy-saving solution provides up to 73 percent in energy savings

with virtually no maintenance for residential, hospitality, retail and institutional needs.


Designed for Any Room

The Halo ALLSLOPE was designed to provide you with a variety of choices for any room in

your home or building. The three piece system consists of a choice of a 6-inch aperture housing,

available in 1200 lumens or 1800 lumens, an LED light engine with three interchangeable optics

and a trim selection from a full line of compatible trims including reflectors, baffles and lens choices.


One Fixture. Many Slopes.

HL6 ALLSLOPE LED features an internal aiming mechanism to align the LED

light engine straight down regardless of ceiling pitch. The HL6 is a true ALLSLOPE fixture

with ability to adjust for any slope ceiling from 2/12 to 12/12 pitch.