Perfect moments call for perfect lighting.

You don't just live with your home's lighting. You live in it. 
Enhance your everyday comfort with smart home lighting that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

The HALO Home Smart Lighting System offers a convenient way to control your home's lights with the flexibility of individual room control to whole home control. Using the HALO Home Smart Lighting System, easily configure home lighting via Bluetooth connection using any smart device; no internet or hub required.

A safer home, 
inside and out.

HALO Home’s whole-home lighting solution boosts security by providing the ideal light levels both inside and out, and all controlled from the same app.

Scenes for your 
favorite moments.

Adjust the lights from the HALO Home app (without getting up), and set the scene for the perfect movie night. And, with Bluetooth® control, you’re ready for uninterrupted family bonding.

When your phone 
is out of reach.

With HALO Home, perfect lighting is just a voice command away. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control and fine-tune your lighting, without lifting a finger.

Scheduling that 
revolves around you.

Whether you’re in bed, around the block or around the world, you can relax knowing your home lighting system is on task with automatic setting features that include vacation, sunrise/sunset, and more.

Meet the HALO Home App

Our free, easy-to-use mobile app puts complete lighting control at your fingertips. Available for iOS and Android.

The power of "IF"

Want to get even more out of your HALO Home system?
Experience new interactions between other smart devices and services in your home with "If This Then That".


Explore the Possibilities

HALO Home App Features


Forgot to turn the bedroom light off? Working late, and need to turn on the porch lights? Now, you can easily turn them on and off from the app.

White Tuning

Imagine your home, in its best light. Find the perfect color temperature setting, with color adjustment from 2700K (warm) to 500K (cool). You can even set it to change throughout the day.


Set the mood, while saving money and energy. The app’s dimming feature helps cut costs and extends the life of your LED bulbs.


Control an entire room’s lighting at once. You can decide which lights you want grouped together, and easily change those groupings at any time.


Different occasions and moods call for different lighting. With HALO Home, you can customize lighting around your schedule.


With the app’s scheduling features, turning lights on and off is one less thing to remember (and helpful when you’re away from home.)


“Lights out in 5 minutes, kids!” With HALO Home, there’s no more yelling up the stairs. Simply set a timer to control a light or group of lights.

Sunrise & Sunset 

For totally hands-off scheduling that automatically adjusts with the seasons, there’s a convenient dusk-to-dawn option.

See HALO Home features in action

works with Amazon Alexa 
and Google Assistant

Works with the HALO Home Smart Internet Access Bridge

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HALO Home Smart Lighting Fixtures

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Smart Surface
Mount Downlight


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Lumen Select
Smart Recessed Downlight

RL56129BLE40AWH / RL4099BLE40AWH

Card image cap

Smart LED

RL4069BLE40AWH / RL56069BLE40AWH

Card image cap

Smart LED


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Smart LED
Motion Floodlight

MST20C18W / MST20C18B

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Smart Bulb


HALO Home Smart Accessories

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Smart Internet 
Access Bridge


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Smart Plug-in
Lamp Dimmer


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Scene Keypad


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