Object Cleaning

Leverage the power of UV-C lighting 
to eliminate viruses and other pathogens 
from the objects you use most.

Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and chemical-free cleaning 

Whether you’re looking to disinfect small, everyday items or larger, heavier objects, our chambers make cleaning
with UV-C easy and quick. After a cycle is completed and the items are removed, the chamber is immediately ready 
to accept new items to clean.

Technology that gets the job done 


Successfully used 
for over 40 years.


Proven effectiveness against bacteria, mold, mildew, 
and viruses.


Can disinfect surfaces and objects in minutes.


Can be used in numerous applications.

Designed with 
your safety in mind

With a one-button operation, magnetic latches, and emergency stop features, Object cleaning Chambers take the complexity out of the unit’s operation. And since each unit is PIN-protected, only those with knowledge of it will be able to operate it.

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