Air Disinfection Solutions

Easy-to-install products that keep 
air virus- and bacteria-free.

Continuous disinfection for occupied spaces 

Do you want to be reassured that the environment you’re in is clean? Fail-Safe's GUV Air Disinfection products disinfect continuously using the power of Germicidal UV; a proven and effective solution against hundreds of 
bacteria and viruses.

Technology that gets the job done 


Successfully used 
for over 40 years.


Proven effectiveness against bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses.


Can be used in occupied spaces when applied correctly.


Can be used in numerous applications.

Designed with 
your safety in mind

Fail-Safe's GUV Air Disinfection solutions distribute GUV in the upper air, guarding room occupants from exposure to GUV. The result is air that’s constantly cleaned while people are present.

Available products


GUV Air Disinfection 
Wall Mount


GUV Air Disinfection 
Ceiling Mount

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