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We leverage 40 years experience to address the global demand for disinfection. 

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COVID-19 is unprecedented in its scale and impact on society. Many people are looking for ways to stay safe at a time when we transition to a new normal. 

The business impact is huge. With the initial wave of safety measures implemented, companies and organizations are seeking solutions to provide a space for people to feel safe when they work, learn, travel, shop or exercise. 

In doing so, they want to find ways which go beyond cleaning the spaces and objects with chemicals or other sanitizers, which is costly and time consuming. 

Industry-leading Solutions Partnership





new UV-C product families for cleaning air, surface and objects 


Acquisition of the 
assets of GLA, an 
expert in UV-C

News Releases

Cooper Lighting Solutions Solving Global Disinfecting Needs with Germicidal UV Fixtures

jun 2020

Cooper Lighting Solutions is bringing to market effective, optimized and fast disinfection solutions as the world begins 
to re-open. 

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Signify Urges Industry to Adopt UV-C Safety Guidelines Issued by Global Lighting Association

Jul 2020

To meet the increasing demand for new UV-C-based disinfection applications and address associated safety requirements, Signify has contributed to, and adopted the UV-C Safety Guidelines published by the Global Lighting Association. 

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