Smooth. Continuous. Light
A linear lighting system in its purest form.

Meet Corelite Continua

The definition of seamless, in lighting design.

Continua Seamless LED Linear Light
Continua architectural light product shot and the light lense on a roll

Watch creativity unravel

Say goodbye to lens gaps and breaks in illumination common in traditional linear runs. With Continua, seamless illumination is possible with a proprietary flexible continuous roll lens that won't ripple or bow over long lengths. The result is high quality uniform illumination along the entire run length for a truly unique aesthetic.

The seamless design of the Continua creates consistent lines of light stretching across the ceiling of a library.

Go further with excellent optical control

Smooth batwing distribution enables broader row spacing capabilities up to 16' on center.

The Continua creates a modern look with great lighting coverage to enhance a classroom's design.

High performance and custom distributions

Polar Plot graph for the Continua direct/indirect light.
Choose from a full range of direct/indirect distributions or specify a custom distribution.
75% up; 25% down 50% up; 50% down 25% up; 75% down 0% up; 100% down Specify direct/indirect distributions
High performance LED optical system provides efficacy up to 147 lumens per watt.

Small scale, big impact

Continua's unique design puts the focus on the continuous seamless line of light. Measuring only 2.4" tall by 7" wide, the luminous surface area is maximized on the bottom aperture for a clean aesthetic with minimal lines. Despite its compact size, the Continua utilizes integral LED drivers, emergency battery packs, and sensors to make it easier to specify and install.

The Continua's unique fixture connectors create a seamless, modern design.
12' direct/indirect light 8' architectural light 4' LED linear light
12' 8' 4'
Shorter versions of the Continua hang from the ceiling of a cafeteria.

Connected lighting enabled solutions

Continua deploys CLS's integrated connected lighting system options, making your facility smarter so you can make smarter decisions.


Wireless Connected Lighting System
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Using available sensors and Connected Systems, the Continua can be customized to allow you to make smarter energy decisions.
Wifi signal flashing