Integrated Network Security Camera

Lighting is everywhere.

Why shouldn’t it do more? Outdoor lighting provides the perfect platform for safer, more connected communities. Now, besides just keeping key areas well-lit, lighting can help you keep an eye on things. LumenSafe is an all-in-one solution combining LED lighting with a high-definition camera.



Safe communities start here


Achieve a more seamless outdoor lighting design by eliminating unsightly camera additions

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Communities will benefit from improved aesthetics, without the unsightly bulk you get from additional security wiring or security cameras bolted onto poles

Do more - security camera image

Streamlined lighting and surveillance. Sleek aesthetics. Energy-saving LED. LumenSafe security-integrated luminaires are the definition of efficiency. You’ll get all the cutting-edge, connected technology you’d expect from Eaton, with none of the bulk



Customize your lighting package

LumenSafe technology is offered in three best selling LED light fixtures,
each with multiple optical distribution options and lumen packages


We make connected communities work.