LumaWatt Pro

Wireless Connected Lighting System

An IoT-equipped connected lighting system maximizes potential energy savings through fixture-by-fixture controllability. LumaWatt Pro is a distributed network of smart LED lighting fixtures with integrated sensing and beacon technology that captures real-time data, offering limitless potential to keep up with the growing service demands of people, property and resources.

What makes up LumaWatt Pro?


Save energy and gain the power of information



LumaWatt Pro delivers powerful information and dashboards, right to your browser. See your real-time energy usage, projected energy savings, and system health reports, and get a more comprehensive understanding of the total lighting systems performance.

vacancy-based control
Daylight-responsive control
Schedule-based control
Task tuning

Scene-based control
Receptacle control
Demand response
BMS integration

The Space application provides actionable insight into building usage, with detailed occupancy views and graphs leveraging LumaWatt Pro’s Sensor Network data. Seeing detailed, non-intrusive views of workspaces and employee movement allows you to increase productivity, optimize workspaces, and drive cost-saving initiatives.

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With LumaWatt Pro’s asset tracking feature, the first place you look will be the last. Save time looking for misplaced equipment using Bluetooth connection points, which locate items with data tags attached. The system will reveal its exact whereabouts through a cloud-based app.

The distributed network of smart LED lighting, gives the ability for reliable tracking, saving time looking for equipment.

The LumaWatt Pro system can save you energy by enabling demand-driven heating or cooling. The Aire application integrates with your building management system (BMS) by using the data collected by LumaWatt Pro’s advanced distributed sensor network and occupancy application. Aire enables facility managers to direct cooling or heating in real-time to the space where occupants are working.