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Smart LED Floodlight

Lighting Features

Adjustable color


3000K (Warm)

5000K (Cool)

Color Adjustment



Dimming Function

App Features



Group room to control the entire room’s lighting at once. You can choose which lights are grouped together and change your groupings at any time.



Different occasions call for different lighting. Whether it’s getting ready for work, prepping for dinner, or winding down for movie night, they can customize settings around their schedule.

Countdown Timers

Countdown Timers

Program your lights to turn on, off or flash.



Program lights to automatically turn ON/OFF – even when your phone is off or out of range.

Sunrise & Sunset Schedules

Sunrise & Sunset Schedules

Lights can be programmed to turn ON/OFF automatically, according to dusk/dawn times in your area. It even updates automatically as the seasons change.

Random & Vacation Settings

Random & Vacation Settings

Lights will turn ON/OFF randomly at different times, making your home feel lived in even while you’re away. It’s just one of the ways HALO Home enhances security.

FTS20CW - White

FTS20CB - Bronze

HALO Home Outdoor Security Smart LED Floodlight

Control one or multiple lights with grouping, scheduling, dimming and color tuning capabilities.

  • Adjustable CCT from 3000K - 5000K
  • Dimming down to 5%
  • Precision optics and reflector for maximum light output
  • Perfect for wall or eave mount
  • Tool-less adjustment
  • 180 degree coverage
  • Available in white or bronze

What you need to get started:

  • HALO Home Smart LED light or accessory
  • HALO Home App

(products sold separately)

Combine multiple HALO Home Smart Floodlights and additional HALO Home compatible floodlights, light fixtures, and accessories for wireless customization and control through the HALO Home App.