Businesses Get Back to Business with GUV Air Disinfection

March 22, 2021

GUV air disinfection isn’t going anywhere. Here’s why contractors should get familiar with this game-changing technology.

Brick and mortar businesses worldwide have a big reason to be cautiously optimistic: the COVID-19 vaccine rollout offers hope that some sense of normalcy will return soon. As doors reopen, customers are adjusting to new experiences. Facilities retrofitted with plexiglass dividers, directional arrows, and sanitizing stations have become the new normal.

Businesses are sparing no expense to keep customers and employees safe; the latest government stimulus package even specifies that PPP loan funds used to make pandemic-related facility updates can be forgiven. But since manual “deep cleaning” is expensive and can only be done during off-hours, businesses need more bottom line-friendly ways to sanitize.

Enter GUV lighting. Long used in medical settings to eliminate pathogens, this proven technology is suddenly attractive to many more industries. And while its use was once limited to after-hours operation or standalone disinfection chambers, new GUV Air technology is safe to use in occupied spaces!

This should have contractors seeing dollar signs. After all, it’s a cost-saving, peace-of-mind-inducing solution that practically sells itself.

Here’s what else contractors and their customers should know about GUV Air disinfection technology.

How does GUV Air disinfection work?

Ultraviolet (UV) emission in specific wavelengths has been shown to inactivate viruses and kill bacteria, mold, and fungi with a relatively short exposure duration. Fail-Safe’s GUV products emit UV-C, which has scientifically proven germicidal properties. In fact, no pathogen that has been tested is resistant to UV-C.

There are three main categories of GUV disinfectant products: surface, object, and air. With air disinfection, the GUV light is coupled with an air filter that continuously cleans and recirculates air.

Is GUV Air safe to use around people?

Yes, GUV Air is safe to use in occupied spaces. That’s because it only distributes GUV in the upper air, away from people.

How is GUV Air different from other types of air filters?

GUV Air isn’t simply an air filter or purifier. It contains the same UV lighting technology that medical facilities have long used to sanitize rooms and keep patients safe. Fail-Safe is a leader in professional-grade lighting for complex environments, long trusted by both contractors and their customers.

Start Your GUV Journey Today. 

Contractors don’t need any special skills or labor to get the job done. Get an overview of what’s involved by watching this 15-minute webinar.

What types of GUV Air products are available?

Fail-Safe, an established lighting brand that has long been trusted in complex environments like operating rooms, currently offers two types of GUV Air products: the GUV Air Disinfection Wall Mount and the GUV Air Disinfection Ceiling Mount.

Where can I buy GUV Air products?

Use our Agent Locator tool to contact a Fail-Safe lighting agent near you. Questions about GUV Air technology or the installation process? Please reach out using the Cooper Lighting Solutions contact form.

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