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Market: Healthcare

Trellix Smart Spaces IoT System - Healthcare White Paper

Trellix RTLS Locate Hospital Medical Equipment


Healthcare professionals are losing daily productivity due to time-consuming tasks like equipment tracking to sending real-time alerts based on patients’ movement. Healthcare facilities are seeking a solution that increases professional productivity and reduces costs while enhancing the patient experience.


The Trellix System eliminates time-consuming tasks like equipment tracking and sending manual updates on patients' movement. Utilizing the Trellix and Locate RTLS system data enables the following:

  • Tracking of Medical Equipment: time spent searching for equipment is a thing of the past allowing for more time servicing patients.
  • Monitoring Lab Temperatures & Conditions: money and time are saved by setting custom alerts to capture temperatures and other environmental conditions.
  • Optimizing Patient Flow: safety, wait times and quality of care are improved when Locate RTLS system data is used to understand and optimize the facility's patterns.
  • Improving Hygiene: setting real-time hygiene reminders for all staff and  caregivers, reduces costs associated with hospital-acquired infections.
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The Trellix and Locate RTLS system (Real-time Location) data provides facilities with numerous ways to increase productivity, save money, improve safety and enhance the patient experience.

Learn more about Trellix Locate HERE.