Case Study: Education

Trellix Smart Spaces IoT System - Education Case Study


When children’s safety is concerned, high facility visibility is critical, and educational facilities are looking for a solution that provides peace of mind to school educators, staff and parents during an evacuation or other emergency situation.


The Trellix and Locate RTLS system enables monitoring activities through the use of sensors in educational facilities and help the facility to achieve the following:

  • Keeping staff and students safe: real-time location data provides exact location information on all students and staff members so that they can be better protected in emergency situations.
  • Monitoring school visitors: generate trackable tags for school visitors to wear, and be notified immediately when visitors enter areas where they're not allowed.
  • Securing assets and environment: ensure valuable equipment and electronics don’t leave school property without authorization; receive notifications when an area (like the cafeteria refrigerators or medication coolers) goes above or below a certain temperature threshold.


The Trellix and Locate RTLS system (Real-time Location) provides peace of mind to school educators, staff and parents by capturing real-time data and alerting instantaneously when a threat presents.

Learn more about Trellix Locate HERE.

School Safety with Trellix Locate

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