Take compliance, network security and energy savings into your own hands.

WaveLinx Wireless is the most intuitive and scalable distributed wireless control system in the market.

With its out-of-the-box functionality and intuitive mobile application used for programming, WaveLinx is easy to install and operate. Its rich portfolio of sensors, control devices and accessories make it the ideal solution for indoor, outdoor, commercial and industrial applications.

WaveLinx Wireless helps:

• Building owners save up to 70% in energy cost

• Contractors save time and finish jobs faster by saving up to 40% on commissioning time

• System integrators get real-time data from the WaveLinx sensors and create value-added applications for customers

It’s simple: WaveLinx just works

Wavelinx System Architecture

Flexible solution with turnkey installation for indoor and outdoor applications

Go beyond energy code compliance. Using luminaires equipped with WaveLinx integrated sensors ( indoor, outdoor site and area, and industrial ) your lighting system is transformed into a sensory infrastructure that provides valuable data about your spaces. This data is used to get insights such as occupancy usage, asset usage, employee preference which then is used to optimize your operations and tenant experience.

Featured WaveLinx Wireless Products

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security blue
Digital encrypted Lock with data multilayers. Internet Security

Designed with cybersecurity in mind

With information security threats and fears on the rise, WaveLinx is designed to keep your data on lock-down with seven tiers of security. The WaveLinx Area Controller is UL2900-1 certified.
WaveLinx Mobile App

WaveLinx Mobile App

Next-level convenience and control: configure zones, customize settings, and save energy from one secure mobile app. • Easy, automatic code commissioning provides a sequence of operations that meets the strictest codes
Wireless Area Controller

Wireless Area Controller

Say goodbye to the high costs and complexity of typical addressable control systems! No more waiting weeks for commissioning teams, code compliance hang-ups or missed opportunity costs.

Our Markets and Applications

WaveLinx Wireless is an out-of-the-box, control-ready solution for both small and large indoor commercial project needs. It can be installed as a stand-alone area controller or networked area controller and is ideal for commercial offices, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, colleges/ universities, retail stores, auditoriums, public spaces and more.

Stand-Alone Installation:

• For smaller office spaces within a larger building
• IT setup not required
• Set up and manage the system via mobile app
• Scalable to join larger network


Network Installation:

• For entire building connectivity
• Smart building ready
• Simple configuration including Floorplan navigation
• Security features for peace of mind
• BACnet/IP and Public API (REST) integration
• Real-time alarms with smart tips

Explore WaveLinx Wireless products

WaveLinx Wireless eliminates the cost and complexity of typical addressable control systems while providing a flexible and reconfigurable wireless topology for on-the-fly space adjustments.

Features and Benefits

Real Time Data


Up to 70% in energy savings with wireless solutions

Electrical Contractors

Faster Commissioning

Get off the job faster by saving up to 40% on commissioning time.

real time data


Powerful dashboard with real-time facility information, for better decision-making.

physical security
Information Technology


Multi-tiered security solution to safeguard your customers’ data and achieve peace of mind.

IoT platform compatible with WaveLinx system


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Smart buildings, solved.

WaveLinx is the only connected lighting system you and your customers need because it delivers on everything: ease of installation and commissioning, out-of-the-box functionality, security, and scalability.

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