HALO Home Multi-Room Scene Keypad

  • Program 4 scene keys to control a HALO Home-enabled Device/Group/Scene
  • Tap scene keys once for ON, twice for OFF
  • Dimming & Power Buttons control last activated scene key
  • Combine with other HALO Home Controllers for multi-location control
  • Wireless control using secure Bluetooth Mesh (No hub/bridge required)
  • Indoor use; Decora wallplate (not included); 200 Devices/Account
  • Wireless Line-of-Sight Range: 35-ft with app; 100-ft device-to-device
  • Hardwired Version: Provides constant power to HALO Home Smart Lights
  • Hardwired: Includes air-gap to disconnect power; Neutral required
  • Battery Version: No wiring necessary (1 CR123A battery included)

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